I bought all this great clearance yarn . . . now what?

The parents are moving to NC and I have agreed, rather begrudgingly, to drive down one of their cars . . . 12 driving hours in the car w/hubby= great knitting time. I bought some dc’d bernat handicrafter yarn, 100% cotton, ultrasoft, worsted weight - 2 skeins in lavender ice to be exact, 12 oz. each. Have a nephew due in Dec. but have already made a hooded baby blanket. Looking for some pattern ideas so I can survive this car trip. Please help! BTW - would classify myself as an advanced beginner.

Yes, indeed, that is prime knitting time during a car ride! You can find lots of baby patterns right here!

what about the easy baby bib pattern on KH pattern central? could also make booties or possibly a bag (like the booga except it has to be felted) to make for a diaper bag.
I went to LYS yesterday and saw a bernat’s patterms catalagoe full of baby duos like: baby blanket, diaper bag
baby hoodie; diaper bag baby blanket: baby washcloth
baby caps " diaper bag
It was like a set
could also makes baby washcloths for new mom… or maybe a adult loofa sponge/gloves for mommy and add some nice lotion/ skin cream for mommy after delivery…
just an idea…
CLEARANCE + YARN two of my favorite words in the English language :cheering: :cheering:
you LUCKY dog!!! :happydance:

Thanks for all the great ideas . . .