I blame you ladies..... :)

Dh took me to pamper myself on friday… got my hair done, stopped into A.C. Moore in Saratoga… finally got out of there 52 dollars later (can you say HUGE SALE on yarn?)… bought some basic tooks (one of those medallions with the blade inside for cutting yarn, some cable needles… saw the lightup knitting needles, almost bought some bamboo needles…)

Anyway, I ended up deciding to make the irish hiking scarf and found a hat with the same cable in it… so i found some Moda*dea fashionista in Berry Blitz… it’s so soft!!!

I also picked up two of those plastic containers with the handles that you put your yarn in to protect it from dirt, crud, and CATS (after having to throw away 2 skeins because my pain in the butt cats decided to pee on them!)

4 skeins of Red Heart Soft in sweatpea print (deciding what to make, it was marked 1/2 off so i only paid $1.50 a skein!)

2 balls of the sugar n cream stripes (i’m thinking a bag for my yoga mat… went to take it with me to the beach yesterday and the strap kept sliding off it, highly annoying!!!)

I also found 2 skeins of the Caon Simply Soft shadows (the dyelots don’t match… but i could make a scar or hats with each skein) in color 0004 Autumn…

I also found more of the Lion brand chenille thick n quick in monarch, marked down to $3.50 but i have 5 skeins here at home (going to make a shawl with it…) so i’m wondering if Lion brand is discontinuing the color… I hope not because it’ll look great with my formal dress for the Tribe gatherings (which is being taken in this week so i can wear it sunday!)

My dh couldn’t say much, i gave him some money from my college refund so he could buy a couple of video games, but i’m going to stop into the local joann’s and use my 40% off coupon on a set of size 11 bamboo knitting needles for the shawl…

I also picked up one of those Susan Bates knit cheks too so that I can keep track of which needle is which size after my investment in some double pointed sock needles…

So many ideas, so little time to knit!!!

anyone have any ideas what to make with the 4 skeins of the RH soft sweetpea print??? I have 16 ounces of it total…

I must say i was disappointed with AC Moore’s though. I went in looking for the yarn to make the valentine socksfound on the lionbrand website and they didn’t have either the Tiffany OR the lion cashmere blend…

I also found that Vanna’s Choice yarn… it felt as rough and scratchy as the cheap walmart brand yarn or the red heart yarn (which is the same brand… found that out through the head of the crafts department at WM). I think it’s safe to say it’s something i WON’T be buying.

Y’all have turned me into a “yarn snob” :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had a fun day!!! Yarn shopping and a new 'do:woot:

I can’t come up with anything for the sweetpea. What colors are in it?

And I have to agree about the Vanna’s Choice. I just returned some to AC Moore. It was knitting up very scratchy as a scarf. I bought the Bernat Alpaca blend. It’s 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca. I hope I like it better.

If you live near saratoga you should check out Saratoga Arts on Broadway. I vacation near Saratoga during the summer – that yarn store is amazing!

You blame [I]me[/I]? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, you’ll know when it’s MY fault because you’ll suddenly own $150 of Malabrigo that you have NO idea what to do with. You might also suddenly find yourself with a bunch of cashmere and several colors of $20/skein sock yarn. No sir, you got off easy today!:roflhard: When you and I get together, we will [I]really[/I] do some damage to your budget (and if I’m really on a bender, your credit rating!)



Dips mom, if you vacation in saratoga we HAVE to get together sometime. I live in gloversville, it’s only a 45 minute drive for me to get to downtown saratoga!!!

Cinnamon, it has pink, blue, green… they’re kinda like a bubble gum pink, light medium blue, and a seafoam green…and i have a pound of it… couldn’t turn down yarn that was half price! (and all 4 the same dye lot!)

first of all… :notworthy::notworthy: congrats on getting a day to spoil yourself~
#2) you are not a yarn snob ~ yet~ but you are discovrring what YOU believe is good vs bad yarn~
3) Alpaca/silk is a dream… if you ever get a chance to try some :inlove::inlove:
4) PLease post pics of the shawl you wear to your gathering… I WANT TO SEE :waving::waving::waving::waving: