I am very confused about a pattern instruction

Hello, I am working on a pattern and have not gotten very far. I am stumped as to how to proceed, specifically how to do a double stitch without knitting past the marker. I think you have answered a question about this pattern before, but mine is different. it’s from Harry Potter Knitting Magic, “Hermoine’s Time-Turner Sweater.” the pattern reads like this:

Row 2. DS, [purl to marker, sm] twice, k6, turn
Row 3. DS, [knit to marker, sm] twice, turn
Row 4. DS, [purl to marker, sm] twice, turn

i understand how to do the double stitch, but Rows 3 and 4 have me stumped. if i turn right after i slip the last marker, then where do i double stitch? I thought maybe i slip the marker first, but then how would i knit to the marker, sm twice?

can you help me?

Welcome to the forum!

That is confusing. I’d knit a stitch or two past the marker and then turn and DS.