I am so NEW I'm GREEN!

This was me BEFORE I discovered this site: :wall:

Now that I’ve discovered Amy’s site I am closer to this: :frog:

And I can’t wait until I get to this: :XX:

I JUST started teaching myself to knit yesterday, but by reading the book I bought I could not for the life of me even figure out how to Double Cast On!! Jeesh! Amy, you saved my life…OK, it’s not that serious, but I am so thankful you got me on my way! I think I finally got the knit stitch and I’m almost there with the Pearl…

Do you have any pattern suggestions for a newbie? I imagine I’ll be making some sort of scarf.

Thank you so much!!!


Either a scarf or a couple of dishcloths or towels, they are small & simple & help you learn new stiches & techniques…

Welcome Danielle! Have you checked out the patternpage? Most of the pictures are down, but if you click where they were, you’ll be taken to the pattern (usually another website). Amy has a lot of links to her favorite scarfpatterns. There are other patterns too if you don’t want to limit yourself to a scarf.


Hi Danielle…
Don’t worry…if you already got the hang of a double cast on, you’re already one of these :XY:

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the welcome and the pattern suggestions. My goal is to have something done by next weekend…

Danielle, I’m a newbie knitter, too; and I can so relate to your frustrations before finding this site and the video’s! I have also ordered Amy’s CD ( http://knittinghelp.com/purchase-page.php ), which I’m expecting in my mailbox any day now. I can hardly wait. I think I’ll quickly go from :frog: to :XX: , as well. :smiley:

A question to you who are not newbies, does the addiction slacken any with time? I find myself wanting to be knitting ALL the time! :smiley:

Hmm?? Does the addiction slacken?? :??

Depends … it just gets stronger for me. Sometimes I go through stages of non-knitting, but that’s only because I can’t afford any yarn :cry:. Some knitters also find that they are “seasonal knitters” too, knitting more in the winter than summer or vice versa. :wink:


Since I live in a very hot climate (in the summertime), I’ve wondered if I’ll want to put it away then. I know I don’t get in the mood to crochet once hot weather hits, as the yarn on my lap makes me hot. With crocheting, though, I’m usually doing afghans. Having an afghan across your lap when the outside temps are in the upper 90’s or low 100’s is not a pleasant experience! :help:

I’m just so excited about learning to knit that I have visions dancing in my head of all the nice scarf/hat sets I’ll want to be making for Christmas presents, and figure I’ll need to knit year 'round to make it happen. Right now, I find myself grabbing my needles at every available opportunity, even taking them along in the car everytime we leave the house (when dh is driving, of course. :mrgreen: ).

I know what you mean! I hardly ever leave home without my knitting. I even bring it to work with me to squeeze in a few sts on my lunch break!!! If I leave the house w/o my knitting, I at least take a book w/ me. You just never know when you’ll have some sort of delay. There was a horrible wind “outbreak” one day about two years ago and my job lost all eletricity. We tried waiting it out for a little over an hour, hoping it would be fixed. I got quite a bit of knitting done during that wait. And to top it off, the electricity was still out, so they sent us home early. When I got home, MY electricity was busted by the storm too! I sat near the porch and knit until it got dark, then I lit some candles!! :happydance:


The one titled “Grandmother’s Favorite”. I think it is a great pattern for just learning, plus it is pretty quick to knit up.

So funny! I do have one of these my grandma made for my mom. I’ll have to make one myself. I’ve already made funky slippers that my dad says his grandma made him, which I didn’t know until after I finished mine! Weird!


Welcome Danielle! Cute avatar pic. It looks like a puppy with wings. Happy knitting. If you haven’t discovered the “Getting Started” section of this site yet, that also has a couple of good beginner patterns on it.

Welcome Rennagayle too!


Thank you, Amy. I received your CD in yesterday’s mail (fast shipping!). I played with it a little last night, and can already see that it’s going to be a great help to me. Even though I’m not nearly ready for doing socks, I did watch the bonus CD of you knitting the baby socks. Seeing that done, verses being told how in print, makes all the difference in understanding for me. It’s kind of like a lightbulb coming on in my head. :figureditout: :smiley:

Great, Rennagayle! Enjoy the CD & your new skills!

Thank you Amy and Carol! I will check out both places and see what I can find.

The avatar is Mr Wiggles with wings…that dog/alien is so cute!

Amy- I have a question for you. To clarify your video on cables- do you knit/purl 5 rows like normal and then do 1 row of twist?

Thank you !!!


:thumbsup: Yes, exactly. The number of rows between twists will vary depending on the cable pattern, but that’s the idea. I think that’s how many I did in the video; whatever I say in the video is how many I did; that sounds about right.

Awesome! Thank you Amy! :notworthy: