I am scarred for knitting life

I have been watching “The Grinch that Stole Christmas” with my dd’s this evening, and everything has gone fine. All of a sudden he comes down to steal the stocking first, and he releases MOTHS on them. :crying: I was so horrified, that I had to leave the room, even though my kids though the “flies” were funny.

Someone hold me.

hahaha! the new genre of “horror for Knitters!”

I’ve been watching QVC all night :shock:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

[color=blueviolet] I LOVE QVC!!! I’ve been addicted since I was 11. I made my first purchase on my 18th b-day.[/color]

QVC??? :??

Now the Grinch is actually scary!! :lol:

my first guess on Hilde’s QVC reference would be the sweaters. I’ve seen some :shock: types of sweaters on ShopAtHome TV.
I looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee knitting soooo much, but I can’t find any love for an overdone Holiday sweater. Overdone mind you… with sequins, fake jewels, LED lights and such embedded in them. Nice ski type sweaters or some sort of unified theme, find, but some of the stuff I’ve seen on there should be on youknitwhat.blogspot

:roflhard: :roflhard:



Too funny! Interesting how knitting effects our “life”. DH and I were picking up some x-mas presents this weekend and I saw a really cute sweater in a lace pattern. Couldn’t buy it though because I just kept thinking “I can make that…and I have tons of yarn just waiting to be a sweater”. :roflhard: No more instant gratification on that front.

You’re quite right on this part. I have become a knitting snob…well, to the extent that I examine machine knitted garments in the store and furrow my brow in distaste at how “perfect” the knitting is. Then I think how much prettier the item would be if hand knitted. I mean, even cabling (which almost always looks beautiful) I’ve noticed doesn’t look very nice on machine knitted items. Maybe this is just the cheaper stuff, but still, I love what hand knitted things look like, and I never realized it until I started knitting and began to appreciate the stitches.

Oh well, bit of tangent there…hehe.

[color=blueviolet] I LOVE QVC!!! I’ve been addicted since I was 11. I made my first purchase on my 18th b-day.[/color][/quote]

This reminds me of my grandma who recently passed away. She was addicted to QVC and HSN. It was literally always on the television. She had boxes from them all over the house! literally so much so that she would “lose” things just because of how many things she’d buy. :shock:

She was the epitome of compulsive shoppers.

I’m just warning anyone of what’s to come if you continue to keep buying. It can be an addiction :shock:

Happy Holidays :slight_smile: and I must add - knit knit knit on