I am losing what little knitting confidence I have

I have been trying to knit anything for a while. I started the caloimetry and frogged it cause I did not understand the directions, I have started and frogged a lace washcloth cause I did not understand the directions. And now I am just trying out different patterns in my new “The Knitters Handbook” and I keep messing those up!:wall: I have found 2 knitting groups nearby, one has a group of about 3-7 regulars and I feel too shy around them to ask them to show me stuff all the time. The other is a group that I went to once and now I am unsure of when it meets and I don’t really know any of them, and I think the group size fluctuates a lot. I know I could always come here and ask questions but 1) you all would get sick of seeing them all the time! and 2) I am more of a visual learner, you can explain something to me and unless you are showing me as you explain, it will go straight over my head!:whoosh:

I have come to the conclusion that I need someone to teach me the more advanced (which in reality is not really advanced!) knitting techniques to me. I have looked all over on the internet and all the classes in NJ are in the southern part of the state. I am going to have to check with Michaels and see if they offer anything with knitting. I really enjoy knitting and right now it is just kind of depressing me to keep trying and not being able to understand what I am trying to do.

Oh I can totally relate. I have been having major problems in my knitting lately, and I’m losing a ton of my confidence! The only thing I can say is what I’m saying to myself, don’t get too discourage, keep trying and working at it. It’s tough when you just don’t know what to do, but taking a class will definitely, definitely help you! Just don’t lose heart - and no, we won’t get tired of your questions!!! :slight_smile: Ask away!

Knit. Purl. That’s it. Those are the only two stitches.

Take your time and start with more simple stuff and work your way up. It sounds like you’re trying to jump in well above your level of experience.

It’s much like anything else, you have to work up to the next level. Knitting is supposed to relive stress, not create it.

Be happy with your current skill level and gradually work your way up. You can learn to read patterns and if you take your time to progress it will actually make sense to you.

Small steps, Grasshoppa, small steps.

Try to take the stitch markah from my hand.



Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ll try to be as explicit as we can!:hug:

Exactly, there are no “dumb” questions, we’ve all been there! Try to learn all you can on dishcloths, that’ll give you the basic idea without commiting to a large project.

Another thing - Try to view knitting for it’s simplicity, not it’s complexity. Knitting is supposed to be relaxing. If you’re not ready for a sweater just yet, try some knit/purl patterns. I’m knitting a sweater now out of nothing but knit/purl, and it’s soooo easy. Then gradually work up to cables, then lace, and then tackle a sweater.

Thanks for all the encouraging words!

The frustrating part is I have made quite a few wash cloths for other people, they were all just k/p ones with patterns or a picture and I had a few lace ones in mind for myself and I thought I would try one. I tried maybe 3 or 4, one of them I actually got the pattern down then I looked and saw I really messed it up so I frogged and tried again, big mistake! That is why I tried the patterns out of my new book, I thought I would start with the easy ones and move on, I did one and the next was messed up.

Okay, I am going to start by doing something my old knitting teacher had us do, it was like a sampler of different stitches we were learning. First knit (I got that one down!) then purl (that one too) but then we were to move on to decreases and increases and the like. I think I will do that, I think that would help me out!

Again thanks to all of your great and encouraging words, I think they are working!

I originally found this site by searching for videos of knitting instructions. The videos have helped me so much…from basic techniques to more advanced stuff and all the abbreviations for patterns. I’d still be stuck on garter stitch scarves if not for this site. The videos are done at a slow pace with really great explanation of everything that’s going on. Check them out, they will help you immensly!

Figaro - I am in complete agreement with Holamiis. The videos here are fantastic.

As for lace, I cannot even begin to count the number of times I ripped and ripped and ripped. Especially face cloths! Try to work on it when you can really concentrate. In the beginning (and still even now) I must be very careful with lace anything!

Don’t give up!

In the immortal words of the Yarn Harlot “everybody knits crap. You just knit less of it as you go on.”

Anytime I start something that I haven’t done before I’m almost always good for at least one frogging, probably two or three. Then it clicks. By now I figure its just the dues I have to pay.

All I can say is, “lifeline it”. It can really help you jump into the harder patterns and feel at ease, knowing not too much of your time will be wasted, if you are out of sorts to knit as well as you did the previous attempt. Lifeline ftw.

Thanks for starting this thread! I’ve been having a dickens of a time with laceweight yarn I purchased to make a wrap. I HATE laceweight!!! I finally threw one ball away because it became so knotted when I tried out my new ball winder. I have started three different projects with it - all simple patterns and just hated working with this yarn. So, I’ve put the other ball away and am taking a “time out!”

Keep asking questions. There are no dumb questions. Have you thought about taking a knitting class at your LYS? That helped me gain more confidence in my ability.

I feel like I"ve been frogging more than knitting too - and the only thing I keep telling myself that this is knitting … and I won’t let it beat me! I mean, I can do a yo, I can k2tog, I psso … I think the problem is that I can’t count:aww:. So I know what you mean - it’s soo frustrating! So I keep going back to one of the simple projects I have going, and just knit for a while. I makes me feel better, and reminds me why I knit in the first place.

It’s funny you say all the lys are in the southern part of the state, Figaro … I’m forever complaining that they are all north! How far are you from 295? You might be able to get to Cherry Hill in less than an hour, and the The Knitting Store there is very helpful and they have lessons too. It takes me about an hour, but I’ve been thinking about a few of their classes. And they are having events at a Borders in Marlton in the fall - one of them is a signing with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!

Good luck, though, ask questions, and keep at it!

threesmom, I am north of I78, about 1 hour from 295. I think I would like to check out some more yarn stores…mmm-I might be in for a drive soon!

There are also lace patterns that don’t require laceweight yarn… for example, branching out from knitty can use worsted weight yarn as well :slight_smile:

I tend to be quite visual lately too. Especially with knitting. I have a friend that has taught me but I hate to keep bugging her with my knitting questions. I went to my lys one day hoping that had another way of explaining what the pattern said for my wallaby. The lady there grabbed a hat that was on display, needles and yarn and proceeded to show me how to pick up the stitches for the pocket. I was so amazed at how she just naturally thought to show me instead of telling me. I am in there a lot now and any time I have a question I just ask. They also have really good classes there. So my suggestion is to just ask people to show you. Besides if you don’t ever ask you will never know the answer and you want those dishcloths!!!

I hope you will ask questions here! I’ve never met up with anyone here who wouldn’t be pleased to help. :O) Finding a yarn shop with an actual in person to demonstrate would be best, probably. I learn best by seeing, too. And the videos here are terrific. I’ve been knitting for many years and still prefer the more simple projects. I tried a mohair lace thingy a few weeks ago and gave up!!! But someday I’ll go back and figure out the best way to handle the yarn and which needles will give me better control. I’d suggest using a worsted weight or dk yarn until you feel more confident. And don’t use those hairy ones! They are hard! Can’t see the stitches! At the lys where I work we try to steer newbies away from those! I think it sounds like you want this to work, and so it will. I’ve knit a lot of weird things over the years and I imagine most people have knitting failures sometimes. Keep on trying, and I do hope you find a class or a helpful neighbour. And don’t feel shy about asking here, okay!? :muah:samm

I think you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions. No one knows what your questions are unless you raise them. This is, after all, knittingHELP.com. :wink: I’ve been knitting off and on for over thirty years. If anyone should hesitate to ask questions, that’d be me. Yet, I’m still learning.

Also, it can’t hurt to say to your local knitting groups exactly what you said here in your first post. You may be surprised to learn that they’re still learning, too.

This book has proven to be invaluable to me, btw. I’ve learned to keep it handy while I’m knitting. It even includes a needle gauge! Don’t leave home without it.

Just keep trying!! And asking!! It does take courage to ask, as I always think that the question must sound so stupid as I haven’t been knitting long.
I have to say I have always found that asking in a shop here is always met with helpful responses… which can be difficult as the best wool shop here is a Chinese one so there is always a circle of older Chinese ladies knitting in the shop, the assistants are all Chinese and language can be a bit of a problem!! But they all have a good look at what I am trying to do, discuss it together and then someone translates/shows me. They are brilliant, but at first looked far too intimidating to approach as they are all making very complicated looking things.
And then of course there are the fab videos on here which are invaluable, and the wonderful people on this forum. So don’t get disheartened, just ask :thumbsup: