I am knitting cursed

I am knitting cursed!!

So, I bought some fabulous worsted weight yarn for my legwarmers. OMGOSH this yarn is GEOURGOUS (Classic Elite Yarns Lush in a beautiful light pink). I digress. This is not about my yarn, my harn is fine and dandy. It is about my needles and/or my non-functioning mamabrain.

I saw 8 and 10 on the pattern, which was refferring to the size in MILLIMETERS. :open_mouth: So, I bought 8s and 10s, when what I needed was 11s and 14s. Oops. See, this is what happens when you’re in a hurry and leave for the LYS in search of supplies for two (OK, three) different projects…you get confused!

It’s ok, like, I don’t care if my legwarmers don’t have an open, airy gauge. And the yarn knitted slightly loose on 10s looks FINE. I’m just annoyed at myself a little. Of course I cannot return said needles b/c they don’t accept returns OR exchanges. So if you buy the wrong size, oh well! I guess they don’t want people taking the needles home, doing a swatch, and coming back for the right size? I guess it is nice to have a collection… AND one of the needle sets (the size 8) they didn’t have in Crystal Palace so I bought them in some fancy rosewood. For way too much $$$, I really can’t do such needles justice. But size 8 is a common size, and I know I will use them for other projects. Meep.

Anyway, now I have to do some math to figure out how to adjust the pattern with these needles. And, I’m also wondering if this is going to mean I will need more yarn? I have about 248 yards. Think that will make me legwarmers using size 8s and 10s? I am in the middle of my gauge swatch now (though I really don’t know why I bother when they never come out as what I accurately knit).

So far it looks like 21st =5", I am 10 rows in and it’s 2" long. I want them to be about 12" wide and 14=15" long. I know I need to END UP with 50 st to get the circumference I want…but how many should I cast on? Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

This is the pattern: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTlegwarmers.html

I did, however, finish my redone fetching glove and it looks PERFECT. I’m going to do the right one…eventually. Hahaha. I need a little break from those gloves. Hence the easy legwarmers.

:wink: Except studies show that new/ pregnant mamas have “better” working/ sharper brains/ increased brain function! ha ha! :wink: :slight_smile:

Bummer about the needles, but you’re right – sizes 8 and 10 are good to have on hand and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use out of them!

As for your question, it looks like for the 12" size they start off at a circumference of 9", so you’d need to cast-on about 38 stitches. Then, it looks like they increase to an end circumference of about 15". I think that’s because of the slightly belled bottoms. So, I think you’d want to end up with about 63 stitches.

I think I’d increase 2 stitches each side of the row 8 and then increase 10 evenly across the other two increase rows.

Glad your glove turned out! :cheering:

O RLY? LOL. Somehow I doubt that!!

I did, however, figure out how many st to cast on. It was 38. I did some math and figured out that she cast on about 9" with her gauge, so I cast on how many st it takes me to hit 9". Wish me luck! haha.

Ok, looks like we both got the same answer Amber so my math is good! However, I want the circ to be 12" and with my gauge of 4.2 per/in I need 50 st in the end…right? So I only need to inc 12 st total.

Oh ok my math is correct. They increase to 12" , not 15". And I measured-- my calf is 14", so I’m making the 12" because I know this is going to be very stretchy. Maybe I should make the 14" size since my gauge is heavier/fabric is thicker.

Oh, and you work this from the bottom up, fyi. I think.

Okay, let’s just say math is not my stong suit, :oops: but I got 15" b/c the size 12" ends up with 41 sts. At a gauge of 2.75 sts/inch that works out to 14.9". I think :?? .

I could be wrong though. :hiding:

You are probably right? I was going off what they said the circ would be…


Circumference: 10[12, 14] inches [stretchy]

Yeah, that’s really confusing – it must be the "to fit’ size and not the finished size. :?? Be nice if they said that though!

What is a to fit size? Like, the size you need it to be if you have fat calves? HAHAHA> I have fat thighs but my calves are thin. Bowling pin legs.

Well anyway, I’m sure an inch or two won’t make a huge diff with legwarmers.

p.s. those rosewood knitting needles are HOT. They are so grabby, it’s impossible to drop a stitch with them. I can dig it.


Dunno, I just made that expression up. :rofl: I meant the size the finished legwarmer is meant to fit – 10, 12 , or 14". Although, that does seem funky. I have little pencil legs, and mine are 12" (just measured b/c I was curious), so 10" seems kinda small. Maybe you’re supposed to measure at the ankle??? Now, my ankles – they’re big. Probably 12" I have cankles!!:roflhard:

My fat baby has cankles. :rofl:

I think I am just going to go with a 14" opening. Hope it works :open_mouth:

Aww, I love baby cankles – so cute! :heart:

Good luck with the legwarmers. 14" sounds like a good bet, and like you said, an inch one way or the other prob. won’t matter.

Be sure to post some pics when you’re finished!!