I am in pickle with vintage pattern again. Help!

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 3:25 pm Post subject: Here is pattern up to point where I am stuck.

Right Half.

Cast on 160 sts.

Work 16 rows in plain knitting.

17th Knit

18th (K1 P36 K1) 4 times. K8

rep these rows 7 times.

33rd K43 K2 tog K1 (k1 k2tog t.b.l. K32 k2 tog K1) 3 times

34th (K1 P34 K1) 3 times K1 P35 K9

35th Knit

rep 34th & 35th rows once then 34th row once

39th K42 K2 tog K1(K1 K2 tog tbl K30 K2 tog K1) 3 times.

40th (k1 P32 k1) 3 times K1 P34 K9

41st Knit

Rep 40th & 41st rows once then 40th row once.

That is where I am up to and stuck. As I say there are grooves along the work which I think might be what it means by panels. It then says

Cont in patt keeping the front edge straight and 8 sts in plain knitting for border, decreasing at each side of each panel in next and every following 6th row until 97 sts remain.

The rest of the half is.
Hi again. Have come to another impasse with cape. It says.

1st (KI P18 K1 twice turn.
2nd Knit
Rep these 2 rows once
5th K1 P to last 2 sts turn
6th Knit to last two sts turn
7th K1 p to last 4 sts turn
8th K to last 4 sts turn
9th Kp P to last 6 sts turn
10th K to last 6 sts turn
11th K1 pto last 8 sts turn
12th K to last 8 sts turn
13th P to end of row. Cast off.

What I am not understanding apart from why I didn’t knit a scarf in first place is this.

I get to 5th row I turn and knit to the last 2 stitches and do the same on the 6th row. So for the 7th row it says K1 P to last 4 stitches. Does that mean the last 4 stitches including the two I have not knitted on previous row or the last 4 stitches of the ones I have knitted if you see what I mean.

Thanks in advance for reading and help.


You’ve made progress! You’re doing short row shaping, now. Your best bet is just to do exactly as the pattern says.

If it says to knit to the last two and turn, do it.
On the next row, when it says to knit to the last four, knit to the last four. Take each row at face value.

Looking at the rest of it, each time you knit a set of rows, you’re knitting only the middle stitches, and making this center row shorter by two stitches at each end. This will make the middle of the piece longer than the ends–thus the short row shaping.

Thanks for that but I can’t grasp it.

Do I abandon the stitches that I have turned away from and just knit on less and less stitches each time?

My head won’t compute this.

As I said I am very bad with maths so things like this bend my head.

They’re not exactly abandonded, but you don’t knit them every row.

This is one of those cases where you just need to follow the directions blindly and see what you end up with in the end. If it says turn, then turn and work back the other way. You’ll see how the whole piece will be longer in the middle, which is what it’s supposed to look like.

On the last rows you’ll get those stitches back again. On the 13th row you’ll purl all the way to the end, and then when you cast off you’ll get all the stitches on the way back.

And you will be DONE!!!