I am in love with a scarf. Can you help me?

I’m looking for a pattern for the scarf that is in the book, “Knitting for the first time”, on page 107, on the bottom left.

It is by Colinette Yarns, LTD.

Can anyone help me find this pattern.

With much thanks,

Is the pattern in the book? Have you checked the library… they might be able to get it on interlibrary loan.

Are you looking for a free version of the pattern? It’s doubtful that you’ll find it free online since it’s copyrighted. Definitely check your library or bookstore for the book, though!

pattern’s NOT in the book. They are fiends, I’ve decided…
But thank you for the wonderful suggestions on my other topic, I’ve found some great patterns. :XX:

If it’s an ad in the book, you might be able to find it at the yarn’s website, either free or for sale.