I AM IN LOVE. AKA - Has anyone made the Monk Travel Satchel

Look at this cool knitted bag :

I love the way this bag looks!!

I was wondering if anyone had made it. If so, any thoughts?

It looks really floppy… maybe an insert for the bottom would help? Lots of bags that size are kinda floppy though.

Would love to hear from anyone who’s made it! I found the pattern while browsing around the Knitter’s Review site and no one there had finished it yet.[/img]

I have the book, but haven’t made any of the bags in it (I :heart: love :heart: knitting books :wink: )! But, this is one that I really want…I like it!! Actually, it was from one of the bags in this book that I learned to do the loopy st on my socks :thumbsup:

i have that file on my comp but haven’t made it…it’s so lovely.

I really want to see what the hubbub is about this… but every time I click the link, i go nowhere and my 'puter locks up. I have to “end task” and it shuts my internet down. :thinking:

If you go to this page :


and scroll down, you’ll see the listing for the Monk’s Travel Satchel, and it has a picture preview.

One of the guys around here made that bag. Cannot remember who, but I have it in my saved files too. I think it was either Norman or Rorshach who made it. They both have blogs if you want to hound them :wink: