I am having a yarn problem

My husband left town and I got bored. I have 3 yes thats 3 yarn orders on the way that I have ordered since he left. It IS a sickness! I need to stop now or i will never get to order more ever again!

:shrug: :thinking: I am afraid I am not understanding the problem? Is it that you need more? :thinking: :shrug:

The first step is admitting you have a problem, and since you’ve done that I think you’re in good shape :teehee: Or you could just hide it from your husband, and just get more (I’m just feeding the addiction)

Or is the problem what to knit while the orders are on their way? Maybe you should stop by your LYS just to hold you over.

So, the problem is that you need more yarn? Yes. You should order more. Three shipments is nothing. How can you enhance your stash with three measly shipments?

The only part that actually alarms me is, I can’t remember what one of the orders is!

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to knit… more!

well see that one is a present then! Couldn’t have been ordered by you…you would remember it. it is a gift from the yarn faeries.

Here’s my logic:

I have been waiting and waiting for shipments and I know they are out there but they haven’t been delivered. Ordering more might help PUSH the next delivery? Like a conveyer belt to my house?

Now that’s logic!

I think your logic is perfectly logical! ORdering more to push the others along makes total sense!

I say order yarn like a politician.

Do it, hide it, pretend like it didn’t happen.


Yay! my Frog Tree Alpaca arrived!

Ok, here’s some (just what was in early reach so far) of my stash…

Remember, I just started in Sept/Oct! Aaaaaaaaaahgh!

ah that is nothing… i say order more…you need to have a stash that will take over a whole room at least :roflhard:

I have a simillar problem, because I’m at home all day I’m finding soooo many bargains on ebay.

Most of them have no arrived yet, so I need to think of what to tell DH and work out where I’m gonna put it all!!! Oh, yeah, and work out what to knit with it I suppose :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

Now to go hide the yarn before my hubby gets home today…

Yarn politician! I love it!

If he is away, now is the time to expand your means of storage. Consider moving one of your bedroom walls in a couple of feet – that is, build a false wall identical to the existing one, and hide a secret door behind a bookshelf (mount the bookshelf on a hinge). If that’s not possible, consider a secret compartment in the floor under the living room rug, or hollow out the mattress in the guest bedroom. If you make the investment now, you can accumulate yarn for years without drawing attention to yourself.

On the other hand, you could just go out and rent a storage unit (under a false name, and pay in cash) that your husband doesn’t need to know about. 5’x10’x10’ should do for a start.

Uh, you aren’t exactly subtle, are you? :teehee:

Seriously, though. I’m taking a political science class, and our current chapter is all about power.

What you have to remember is that you hold power. You need to decide HOW to use that power. There are different types of power:

  1. Physical - exerting power by force, such as physical violence and acts of physical obstruction. I don’t think this applies to you, although creating a barricade could work (such as what Joe suggested). I’ve also found boycotting housework/cooking to be very effective. :wink:

  2. Persuasion is nonphysical – where you make your intentions and desires (for more yarn) known to dh and, by explaining your desires, convincing him that the growth of your yarn stash is of utmost importance and will benefit him greatly.

  3. Manipulation - MY personal favorite - you exercise power over dh by concealing your desired result through disguised and cloaked motives. Basically, dh agrees to your wishes without knowing it! To quote my book, “How can you resist something if you do not know it exists?” :shrug:

Enjoy your new yarn!!!

dh sees the bags come in… he didn’t understand how fast it could add up though… till one morning he came down stairs and I had yarn everywhere trying to organize it… then he was like :passedout:

You’re stash is lovely :thumbsup: But, IMHO, it needs MORE!!! MORE YARN!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ahem. Sorry ^_^;;

And if it’s discovered, there’s always plausible deniablity. Or you could just blame it on someone else. :teehee:

Your stash is very small, lovely but small. I think you need to get more yarn. Go to your LYS if you don’t want to order more. Besides if he’s away if you go to the LYS you can pay cash and he’ll never know. :twisted:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I didn’t mean a barricade, just a false inside wall – in fact, creating a new secret closet that DH doesn’t have to know about.