I am confused with the following instruction for a shrug. Am knitting

I have completed to this point:"rib 30 as established,place marker,rib to last 30 sts,place marker,rib to end. I am goog to here
Dec row: change to#6needles (RS)k2TOG, (P2TOG) twice, (k2TOG)twice’ Rep between * once more, P2TOG twice , slip marker

I would think I needed to be at the marker at his point but I am not
I only count 22 stitches with those directions.
Shouldn’t there be 30 in order fr me to slip the marker
Thank you for any help you might give me

How many stitches did you start with? Are you starting at the other end of the next row, which may not have 30 sts before you get to the marker? If would be very helpful to say which pattern you have and link to it or to a picture of it.

I only get 22sts also and it seems like you have 30sts before the marker. It would help to have a link to the pattern. If you repeat between * [I]twice[/I], it comes out to 30sts.

Totally agree with Salmonac and Suzeeq! :thumbsup: