I am confused about a knitting pattern.



I am an beginner knitter and I am having trouble reading a line of a pattern which reads. K1 (p1 k1; p3 k1; k1) does it mean for each size ??


Without the full context it is difficult to say what it means, but often parentheses means that something is repeated. Is it a free pattern? If so, could you provide a link?


I managed to work it out. Lol


I have another issue. What does dec 1st at end of next and foll 2 alt rows , then on 6 foll 4 th rows


It probably means this:

First you do repeat twice this: one decrease at the end, knit/purl one row without decrease.
Then you repeat six times this: one decease at the end, knit/purl 3 rows without decrease

Probably you are not supposed to knit/purl the final 3 rows without decrease after the last decrease.

Sadly many pattern creators do not provide the knitting chart from where everything would be very clear.