I am completely amazed!

I recently decided I need to start running again. So this morning that’s exactly what I was doing, running at the gym. Ahead of me, on a stationary bike, was a woman knitting a sweater while riding. Not even a scarf or something really simple, a sweater. And she was riding hard and sweating a lot. Unfortunately, she left before I finished my workout and I never got the chance to talk to her. Can anyone else do this as well?

I’d be amazed too. Just running would be enough to wear me out let alone knitting too.:fingerwag:

Actually, I was doing exactly that yesterday! I decided to exercise on the stationary bike we have in our basement and brought my knitting with me. While pedaling on the bike I was able to knit the sock I am making. It was awkward at first, but then I got the hang of it.

I am a Cardiac Rehab Nurse, I teach people to exercise. I will often do a couple miles on the Tm at lunch time with my knitting in hand. A simple circular sweater or something that does not require alot of concentration.

I might do that at home if I had a bike. (but not at the gym though!) I can’t imagine getting that much of a workout in, but I spin so maybe a regular bike isn’t as intense. However I wouldn’t consider it a real workout, just something to do on my off days perhaps.

I’ve seen people reading on a bike which isn’t that odd (neither is knitting really)

The stuff people do at the gym is crazy sometimes. Like the one girl at the gym that turns off all the fans before class starts. What’s up with that?

I could understand knitting something small like socks or dishcloths. But a sweater? I wouldn’t want to sweat all over something like a sweater. :ick:

I’m trying to get the hang of walking on the treadmill while knitting a sock. I thought I might have trouble balancing (yeah I’m clumsy, I’ve lost my balance while looking around) and watching my hands, but it’s not too bad. the fear of tripping and landing on a size 1 DPN is quite intimidating though :zombie:. but if I can get the hang of it, I’ll treadmill a lot more often…

It’s not that hard to knit while on a stationary bike. I haven’t been brave enough to try on a treadmill yet. I knit while walking around the park watching my kids; but it’s easier to lose step and fall on a treadmill. It would make me exercise more if I could though. Doing something while on the stationary bike or treadmill makes the time go by a lot faster, so I get more exercise in! :slight_smile:

This is so funny! I’ve actually been thinking about doing that myself!! I was riding my stationary bike last night and thinking about how I could hang my project bag on the handlebars so I could knit without getting all tangled up!

Now I’ve gotta try-but it will have to be something small and easy-I don’t want to get sweat all over my project, either, lol! Maybe dishcloths-simple and washable! :happydance:

I would exercise a lot more if I could pull this off! hehehe

Sounds like a smart idea! I think my hands would sweat and make it hard to handle the needles though.

a girl turns off the fans before she rides? thats so rude!! i pass out if i get too hot.

i have never tried knitting while riding. i should see if i have enough coordination. lol

I tried that when we had a bike, but it was one where the handles move as well to give your arms a work out so it was a bit awkward!