I accidently purled instead of knit a couple of rows

Hi experienced knitters,
I’m really a beginner. I accidently purled a couple of rows instead of knit. I’m wondering how to fix my mistake. I was hoping for a video to show me how to do this. I realize that I can just rip these rows out but I’d like to know how to “take out” a wrong stitch. Can anyone help. I’d really appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance.

Scroll down to fixing mistakes and there is a video there that should help.

However… this is usually best done on one or two stitches. If you’ve got a couple rows that are done incorrectly it really is better to just tink back or frog and start over if you aren’t too far into it.

Tinking is going back one stitch at a time.
Frogging is ripping back several rows at once or starting over entirely.

Here is more help for mistakes.

You can use that video to fix mistakes if you just did the wrong stitch on a few stitches, but if you mistakenly did the entire row in the wrong stitch, it’s easier and faster to just take them out. There’s a video there too for how to take out whole rows.

Easiest thing to do is to frog those rows, but personally I’d just call them a design feature and keep on knitting :mrgreen: