Hush-Hush dress

Has anyone made this dress yet?

Its on the free patterns tab under dresses. I think it is sooo pretty and I was wondering if I could get some advice, once I take up the challenge that is :slight_smile:

Wow this dress is SOOO nice!!! I want to do it too… but there’s so many projects on my list… ARRGGGHHH!!!

:smiley: How have I not seen that?! Love it

I thought I had looked at every pattern on knitty? How did I miss it?

That doesn’t look like it would be too hard. . . and you KNOW you can come here for help!

I know how you guys probably missed it. That pattern is from the summer 2004 issue, and the patterns in it aren’t (as far as I’ve seen) listed in the regular archives list. you have to click on the “Sex & the Knitty” issue over to the left side if the archives section.

it’s very pretty, but i don’t think i EVER want to make a pattern that starts with: cast on 400 stitches, make sure they are not twisted and join

if i tried that, i would be joining Hurley and Libby at the insane asylum

didn’t humblestumble (sp) do it or at least start it?
and i thought it was a nighty?

Inspired by the sexy, ultra-feminine undergarments of the 1920s, this little nightie is just the thing to slip on after a fun evening of dancing, or before a fun evening at home!

It is supposed to be a nighty. I suppose it could be a dress, though if you made the top less see-through.

wonders if she was the only one who had to google to find out who Hurley and Libby were

assures Brenda that she is not the only one who had to look that up

going off to google now…

I’ve always been partial to the ARAN WEIGHT LACE SHELL WITH RAGLAN CAP SLEEVES on elann, but the instructions are a bit vague for me to understand.

had to wonder off to google land myself…asked dh to start with…his response your momma :rollseyes:

ohh thats pretty and like Ingrid said if you get stuck someone here can help ya :thumbsup:

gardenmommy thats really pretty added it to my favorites… which I recently organized :happydance: :rofling:

I know it is sooo pretty. But I didn’t find it on the knitty website, I found it on this website in the patterns tab. Didn’t I make that clear? :?? I’m sorry if I didn’t. :blush:

I guess it is for “inside the home”, but, yeah, I could wear a tank underneath or something. I guess I’ll figure it out.

Thanks Ingrid for the help! I’ll be sure to ask alot of questions!!!

Now, where to find the yarn… :thinking:

no you made that clear but look at the link…it is a knitty link.

doesn’t matter either way…just a puzzle! :?? :rofling:

Ahhhhh, yes it is. I didn’t even look at that! I’m such a space cadet. :oops:

am i the only here that watches L O S T?

lol well i hafta say, i thought i was the only one in the world who doesn’t! :wink:

I am SO a LOSTIE…:slight_smile: I’ve at least got someone in the house to watch it with now. My ds 13 really enjoys it too…I was like whhooooahhhh…at the end this week.

You’re not alone. :wink: