Husband's first encounter with Knitting!

My husband and I have started a new rule for ourselves - we spend every Wednesday evening doing something together instead of doing our “usual” activities. Well, he said that he wanted to understand the basics about knitting!

I think he just wanted to watch me knit and do different techniques, but I put a pair of needles in his hands and off we went. He learned four different ways to cast on, how to knit, and by the end of the evening he made a small swatch in garter stitch.

Once he made those accomplishments, I showed him purling and then explained stockinette, ribbing and moss stitch.

He doesn’t have intentions to knit, as he just wanted to understand it. We had a great time! I can’t wait to decide what we’re going to do next week!

Beld, WOW!!! I think that is wonderful that your husband showed an interest in knitting. My husband will ask me what i am knitting and admire my project but that’s it…

Is it possible to take a picture of him with the needles in his hands and post it? I will show my husband to see if he would consider doing the same.
:lol: :lol:


Hi, My fiance and I knit together when she is home (she travels on buisness). We find that it is a nice way to spend an evening together being actively engaged in each other’s lives. We talk, watch each other, help each other, listen to music, etc…

It has brought us closer together as a couple while at the same time allowing each of us to create a unique expression of ourselves as individuals.
Even if he doesn’t knit himself, I hope that he continues to display interest in your projects and spend time just “being” with you as you work.


My sweetie’s 7-year-old daughter has been taking a knitting class after school once a week with one of the students’ moms. He hangs out at the library and helps the mom teach the class, and in the process has learned the process himself! He’s been asking me about continental knitting since they’re throwing, and even taught me a way to cast on that I had never used before! I don’t expect him to become a knitter himself, but he too just likes to know how things work. It’s so interesting to see his frustration and rememer how I felt when I was learning. He asked for picture instructions that broke it down to half steps! I remember wanting the same thing!

[quote=“beldaraan”]We spend every Wednesday evening doing something together instead of doing our “usual” activities. [quote]

knitting… AKA bith control…

Seriously, I’m surprised you can go without your “usual” activity for one evening, it must take a lot of effort!

>>shakes head at Hildegard<<

We both have various hobbies that we like to spend time on our own doing throughout the week. A typical night around here, after son goes to bed, is that we go to our computers (side by side) and do our own thing. We can still make small chat throughout the night, but we wanted something that involved more communication and closeness.

We take each others’ interests seriously and try to learn more about them. My husband asks about the books that I read, the progress on my knitting, how much fun I have playing my computer game, how my day was with our son, and so on. I ask my husband how his day was at work, how much research he accomplished, what new ideas does he have, how much does he enjoy playing his games on the computer, etc.

Anne, I will ask my husband if he will model some knitting as per your request. I can’t wait to see what his response will be when I tell the responses to this thread. He also takes an interest to what’s happening in my knitting forum :slight_smile:

I think the responses here are great about our partners’ knitting interest. It shows a great level of respect and love in our relationships no matter if we’ve been together for 2 years or 20.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to extract my sons hands from my knitting basket… :wink:

My daughter came home from school today and told me her teacher asked her to ask me if I would be willing to come into the class and teach them how to knit! Apparently they are doing some sort of hobby-sharing/teaching project. I think it would be fun. They’re fifth graders. My daughter already knows how to knit, so she could help for sure.
I figured they could at least make garter stitch rectangles, then I could assemble an afghan out of them and donate it to Warm Up America.
For when the boys wince and cringe, I’m already planning to read an excerpt from one of Barbara Walker’s books, in which she discusses all-male knitting guilds, Master knitters all being men, etc.
I’m willing to purchase some acrylic yarn for this project, but certainly not 30 pairs of needles! Hopefully, the students can borrow some from family members who may have knitting needles. And maybe that will inspire others in their family, and so on, and so on… :wink:

My boyfriend actually learned to knit to teach me. I couldn’t figure out the basics so he did then he showed me. He had sinced stopped, but I would have given up if it wasn’t for his help. He wants a sweater, but I refuse since I am superstisious (sp?). :slight_smile: