Hurray my FT clog pattern just arrived!

I am so excited :happydance: So now I have to choose wool although I think the choice is made - WOTA but I still get to choose the colours!!!

I’m not sure when I will get started on this as I’m a bit frazzled with “The Season” but I can hardly wait!!!

Thanks guys I am so glad I found this place :happydance:

PS - I hope this is as easy as you all say :thinking:

Just remember…at first you’ll be all “HUH?” and you might get mad and swear a lot during the first one…but it’s all uphill from there. :thumbsup:

Just give yourself and chunk of time and a quiet room for you’re first stab at it. It’s not difficult, but the ‘rows’ are very long with all the short row shaping and keeping track is the main thing you need to pay attention to.

AND…You have a gazillion people here to answer any clog kind of question :wink: Have fun :happydance:

Thanks guys!!! :smiley:

:cheering: yaaaaay!!! another clogster!!! :cheering:

one of my LYS employees does a class on this pattern and her biggest recommendation was to make MANY copies of it and check off the rows as you go along. i made a special trip there to buy the pattern and haven’t started it yet blech! enjoy it!

You’ll love it! It really isn’t bad at all…just requires a little extra attention in the beginning.

I’m almost finished with my second clog (of my first pair!) :cheering: I had to frog a 1/2 finished clog because I set it down (for several weeks) in the middle of those short row shaping rows and I lost my place! :crying: Somebody here has the quote “trust the pattern” (which I :heart: BTW!), and it is so true with this pattern. I can’t wait to start felting. I have to make the second sole on my second clog and then I can go for it!!

I want to have it ready for the IL get-together since it was KellyK and Hilde talking about their clogs that got me started :smiley:

post it notes or the little post it tabs are really helpful with that :slight_smile:

And I use an arrow bookmark to keep track of my rows. A paperclip would work as well.