I’ve seen casseine needles but have never heard of milk fiber until this: Have any of you used it? What do you think?

I guess it’s not too far of a jump from tofu yarn to a milk protein yarn. Tofutsies makes great socks, why not milk fiber?

Now, can milk be considered a high-fiber food?

I’ve used these and they were very nice! Mine had a little bit of a funny smell- not milky and not strong, just a little funny. I was using them two Christmases ago when I was visiting my parents in Manitoba where it is bloody cold and the great thing was that they warmed up in my hands. I haven’t needed that size of needle since, otherwise I would be using them more.

I’m using it for a sweater and it is really lovely. Nice drape and very soft.

I also saw a milk fiber yarn offered at Paradise Fibers website.