HUGE Circular Needles?

[color=darkblue]I am about to start an afghan (60" x80") with super bulky yarn. I want to knit it in one piece, ideally on round needles, to make it easier to manage in process. :wall: I can make a >60" cord with my Denise set, but I plan to knit using US 35 or 50 needles. :wall:

Has anyone ever seen such HUGE round needles? Where?

If I cannot find a circular solution, I could use large size straight needles, BUT I have never seen those in long enuf size to hold 60" worth of cast on stitches.

I know I could knit it in the round (30" cast on), then cut and seam it, BUT I still would need a size 35 or 50 circular solution.

Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted.

Landolphe [/color] :thud:

well i am not sure you would actually need the circ to be that long. i found these and i would THINK they would work okay. I don’t like the tube they have but it was the only one i found with just a quick google search.

Those Addi’s that Brenda posted were what I was going to suggest. Just be warned that Ingrid used the Addi’s with the tube in them and had a horrible time with the tube popping out.

Maybe someone else has a different review of them?

Thank you! Great find. I can get 60" of cast-on’s onto a 40" cord with no problems. The yarn is very soft. Now, onward for the size 50’s.

Landolphe :notworthy: :woot:

[color=darkblue]That is a potential pitfall for me to consider carefully.

Thank you.


In googling for the size 50 i came across these as well. They are definitely less expensive. Don’t know much about crystal palace needles though.

[color=darkblue]You are a whiz! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lando[/color] :cheering: