Hubby's Learning to Knit!

My wonderful husband has finally given in. :woot: After two years of prodding and poking, he has agreed to learn how to knit. We already bought his first skein (some beautiful Mmmmmmmm) and stocked up on yarn for Christmas gifts for his family (that means he has to help me or they won’t be finished in time).


Watchout! He may start stealing your stash…

Just kidding, have fun!

Yay for knitting couples! The couple that knits together …

well of course he gave in! Mmmmalabrigo=:heart:

Hey, you are nice. I REALLY didn’t want to learn to knit, and only gave in because my mom wouldn’t relent. But she started me off on some bright green wool ease! (which I still have, I’m saving it for when it comes back in style in 20 years, lol).

The Malabrigo was definitely a bribe. :wink: I don’t even have any yet. Although, it was at least month after picking it out that he relented (I thought I was going to get it after all).

He has actually picked up the mechanics of knitting really quickly. He says it looks like p**p, though. To me, it just looks like anyone else’s first few rows. He’s practicing on some plain wool so he can felt it into a potholder and no one will notice if it isn’t perfect.

cool!!! good luck hubby!!

I started to knit because I got bored going to yarn stores with my wife and friend and just hanging out. We both knit but I’m a lot more passionate than she is.

I think I’ll use that.

“Honey, you won’t be bored in the yarn shop if you’re shopping, too!”

I think that’s awesome! I have asked hubby a few times, and he has no interest. Of course, I’m not sure I really want to take it up, since it would take time away from his working on remodeling projects and building custom furniture for me!! :happydance:

my husband…he just plays with my yarn…you know like cat…or play with the needles like harry potter’s wizard…he points the needle on me with some spell…oh, boy…
if i knit, his hobby to annoy me increase very highly…i cried last time he annoyed me…