Hubby's favourite sweater - lost pattern

I’ve made hubby several sweaters over the years, this particular design is his favourite. He’s already worn through a couple copies of it & it’s time to replace it yet again, but the pattern is gone.

I counted stitches and sketched out the basic shape, but having the actual pattern would be so much easier! I’ve started a sleeve, but getting the crossover perfect has involved several frogs already.

It’s probably 20 years old, possibly Patons?
TIA for any help you can give me.

Try and email Patons to see if they can go back and get the pattern for you.
I did that for Benart. They were great finding a pattern for me.
It is a great sweater, I hope you find the pattern. If you do I hope you post it.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Great idea.
Thanks so much gingergal!

OOH, love the pattern!! let us know if you are successful in finding it!

This might help you re-invent the cable pattern.

Such a great link Marilyn. Thank you!:hug:
I saw it a few days after you posted, but haven’t been able to post.

Looking at the tutorial without printing the graph paper, I started a sleeve to see what I could come up with.