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I’ve been a basic amateur knitter for 2 years, and I decided to have a go at making a cardigan. I found one for a Gilet Sixtine cardigan, and while I managed to work through the issues with knitting the Back section (and super proud of), I moved onto the Front sides but just can’t get my head around the instructions and realised it was originally in French and loosely translated into English!

I’ve already dedicated a few weeks making the Back section so I don’t want to abandon ship, so I really would appreciate some help deciphering the pattern before I pull more hair out (in simple row by row steps maybe). I can only get to the ribbing before I get confused on what’s going on…

I’ve added link and screenshots for the pattern, I’m following the Pink instructions to make the smaller cardigan. There’s also some images of the different sections to gauge the shape but it doesn’t mark out which rows are stocking and which are the lace pattern!

Many thanks to all reading ~ SamIMG_20220415_195511 IMG_20220415_195423 IMG_20220415_195442

Welcome to KH!
Your knitting is gorgeous, lovely and even.

The directions are to cast off one stitch on rows 4,8 and 12, then on row 18. Those rows are every 4th with the last cast off on the 6th row. Then you are to repeat that spacing 8 times more so that begins rows 22,26,30 and 36 for the second repeat. Rows 40, 44, 48 and 54 for the third repeat. Keep up that sequence 9 times total then repeat the cast off every 4 rows once more.

One favor please, we can’t post large portions of patterns on the forum due to designer copyright. Just the name or a link is fine. You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of your post to edit.

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Hi Salmonmac. Thank you so much for explaining that to me, that makes so much sense and I’m feeling a huge relief!!!

Thanks for reminding me of forum rules. I’ve edited the post to only have the right front section instructions now!

The part “Important, at the same time, evenly decrease 7 sts in 8th row (WS).” had really confused me but, with your reply, I’m taking this to mean decrease by 7 evenly on row 8 only in addition to second* single decrease on right edge as per your instructions above = last row of stockinette. (NB. Leave stitch markers on right (>) edge every 4-4*-4-6 gap repeat, e.g. >row 4, 8, 12, 18; 22, 26, 30, 36; 40…54; etc. Continue right edge decrease until end of work.)

After 8th/last >row of stockinette, change to lace pattern and knit 17 rows, incorporating right edge decreases only so far. On <row 18, decrease left edge by 1 st and leave st marker on left edge (<), while incorporating any right edge decrease (e.g. >row 26). On following 16th <rows decrease by 1 st five times (i.e. left edge <rows 34, 50, 66, 82, 98) while incorporating any right edge decreases. End on <row 98 with 41 sts.

Continue right edge decrease while knitting raglan as per instructions. End with 4 sts and cast off.

Summary for Right Front Section: decrease right edge 39 sts over 174 rows [(189)+(43)]; decrease left edge 43 sts, starting count at lace pattern row 1, over 144 rows [(18+16*5)+(1)*2+(5+1)22+(20)*2]; decrease evenly by additional 7 stitches on final stockinette row before starting lace pattern (row 8 of right edge count).

Apologies to anyone reading and finding this confusing, just didn’t want to leave incorrect instructions up.

For sure I’ll use a chart to record the pattern! Hope to update you with a photo!

Thank you, thank you for pointing out the “at the same time”. On my copy of the pattern, that instruction is at the top of the next column and I missed it. Apologies from me.
So when you knit row 8, the second decrease row, cast off the single stitch at the neck edge and also decrease 7sts approximately evenly across the remainder of the row.
Fortunately this is in the stockinette section of the cardigan and not the pattern stitch.

Yes, that’s correct for the next section. So you’ll be decreasing at the left edge and casting off at the right edge at the same time. It may help to make a chart with the row numbers and the rows for decreases and cast offs in separate columns. You can check off the rows as you work them. Certainly not a boring pattern!

Just want to thank you again @salmonmac for your help! Finally completed it the other week and wanted to let you know:

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Oh wow, the sweater is a beauty! So lovely and carefully worked. Well done.