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Can someone please guide me on how to knit 1 garter st ridge and 2 garter st ridges.
Pattern link for this project is:

I also notice that the begging does not say rib. Does that mean that the wrist, which is the beginning will be same all garter stitch? I assume by default it should be rib.

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This is such a cute pattern. Two rows equal one garter stitch ridge so 4 rows would be 2 ridges.

According to the pattern, the cuff doesn’t begin with a rib. It starts right off in garter stitch (knit every row). Under finishing, the seams are sewn and stitches are picked up around the sleeve ends to knit the ribbed cuffs.

You could start the sweater with ribbing knit back and forth if you want and then just seam the cuff as you seam the body and sleeves. If you measure, remember that the measurements in the pattern are from the beginning of the sleeve without a cuff.

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Please explain this further: " Two rows equal one garter stitch ridge so 4 rows would be 2 ridges". Does that mean if I knit 2 rows, it simply means one garter stitch ridge just like that? My understanding, for example, White - 2 rows (1 garter st ridge) means knit 2 rows in White, and Camel Beige - 4 rows (2 garter st ridges - simply means knit 4 rows of Carmel Beige?

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Yes, that’s right. The Stripe pattern is giving you the number of rows to knit, 2rows White, 4rows Beige etc. They also tell you the number of ridges that will result from working that number of rows.

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With regard to the project that am working on ( and the support you have kindly been giving me, When I got to Body row 7 that begins where it says to begin the strip, surprisingly, the first set of strip was on wrong side as to the right side stripes on the sleeve already made. What do i have to do to get all the stripes on the same side so I don’t stripes right side on the sleeve and wrong side on the body? Due to this outcome, I have aborted the project and wish to start all over again.


So you have dots where the new yarn was added on the body instead of a clean transition to the new color?
The new color yarn should always be added at the same edge. You can look at the sleeve and see that the new yarn colors were all added at the rightside edge. I’ts likely that the new color on the body was added at the leftside edge.
Lay the sweater out flat with the outside (public side or RS) of the work facing up. You should be able to see that the starting yarn tails are on different edges for the sleeve vs the body.

If you like, you can undo the body sts and correct this. (I pull the yarn out to about a row before needed and then tink out the last row. By that I mean pulling the yarn out of the stitch and inserting the left needle one stitch at a time.)

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Thank you very much for this. I have, out of frustration pulled out the yarns far way down. I think the best thing for me is to start all over again. I will work through your guidance, Fingers crossed 'will do better this time around. :).

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I’m sorry that you had to do that. Sometimes a lifeline can help so that you won’t have to start over from the beginning.