HP Scarf

After my first ever color changes… and staring on the pattern repeat… here is how the scarf looks… hope to have it done soon :slight_smile:


Yarn: Acrylic (standard cheap stuff)
Needles: Boye Interchangable (size 7)

:cheering: Pretty painless, too, huh! :wink:

heh well I tried 3 differnet ways… I would have to say the 3rd way was the best… and it was the one I found here… the duplicate stich color change and weave… :slight_smile: i’ve not weaved yet… as I’m bad at that too… but practice… of course… :slight_smile:

well get 'er done :slight_smile: Now I feel I’m ready for intarsia :slight_smile:

:cheering: :cheering: Very nice, very nice :thumbsup:

The scarf is looking fantastic! What yarn are you using?

laughs as I’m a bargin knitter… I’m just using some acrylic… :slight_smile: I should be using a acrylic wool blend… but… shrugs nothing special… as I can “handle” the itchyness of acrylic… I don’t mind… and the kids wouldn’t complain as I think they would just be happy to have the scarf… but this one is FER ME :slight_smile:

I know… I’m a mean dad :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m a mandated reporter–knitting yourself a scarf is right up there on the child abuse list! :rollseyes:

YAYYYYYYYYY! Great job!!! :cheering:

Yeah I’m gonna have to make the kids some… I will probably make the son a Slytherian one… :slight_smile: might have to try and buy the utopia yarn to try it for him :slight_smile:

Or some other nice type acrylic type of yarn

I’m no yarn snob, and use plenty of acrylic. I was just wondering about the yarn because the colors look good, and I’ve been thinking of making one for a young relative. :smiley:

Ahh okay… well the red is MAinStay (Walmart) Soft burgandy… and the yellow is RedHeart 0321 Gold :slight_smile:

Only reason I used MainStay on the Red is that there were No RedHeart colors at the time I bought it that looked as good as that red… :slight_smile:

:cheering: Looking good!! :thumbsup:

Looks great so far :slight_smile:

Thanks, Norman; it really is looking fantastic. :thumbsup:

That red is gorgeous! :smiley:
I used Encore for mine and I had a hard time finding a “bronze,” but I was deadset on the Encore. It’s mostly acrylic. I’m thinking about trying a Hufflepuff one sometime in the future…I’ve yet to see many of those!

I confess. I used cheapo acryllic for my dd’s Gryffindor scarf as well (first year). Now she wants a PoA Ravenclaw one. She says she is going to poke me until I make her one. She just doesn’t realize that my needles can be sharp and I’ll poke back!!! :roflhard:

It’s very lovely! Now if only it wasn’t in USC colors…

Well in actuallity … it’s not supposed to be… it’s supposed to be in Gryffindor colors :slight_smile:

Well in actuallity … it’s not supposed to be… it’s supposed to be in Gryffindor colors :slight_smile:

Well then, that is just great! :slight_smile: