How would you make this hat bigger?

So here’s my pattern. My uncle has an enormous head, so I want to make this bigger. Plus I’m a tight knitter. I don’t want to buy bigger needles, because I’m totally broke. I want to just add more stitches. It says to cast on 84. Can I just add more stitches? What does it need to be divisible by? How should I add more rows to make it longer?

Thanks in advance!!! :heart:

The only pattern is 2x2 ribbing so you need to increase sts by 4s - 88, 92, 96 etc. Whatever you need to make it an inch or so larger, but the decrease is set up for multiples of 12, so maybe going for 96 as a CO will work, it all depends on your gauge. You can knit the ribbing for a row or two more, then switch to stockinette. Follow the pattern for the striping if you’re going to use that. Where it says knit in gray until 6 inches from the CO, make that 8 inches, then start the decs. If you have a st number that isn’t a multiple of 12, do the decs as a different number. Say if you have 88 sts, that’s a multiple of 11, so you would start with the row that’s k9, k2tog all the way around.

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I like to use this website for reference.