How would you make these Yo My angora booties?

How would you make these Yo My angora booties??? Is there a pattern that would work? or… how would you wing these? p.s. the angora looks VERY fluffy? how did they do that? brush it out after knitting up? :slight_smile: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Wow they look beautiful. They must have been brushed after surely :shrug:
They look like fluffy balls of wool very very cute.

:hug: Sharon

One of the Debbie Bliss baby pattern books has some angora booties. Or maybe it was in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.


i think you could get that effect with just about any bootie pattern…just knit it with angora instead of wool or whatever. you don’t really have to brush angora and it can actually be pretty bad for it. just wash it and when it is dry do some fluffing. it will eventually go full bloom.

angora is pretty expensive though! i got some last year and it was around $1 a yard i believe.

ah really? no brushing? :wink: … It IS fairly espensive yarn material but for a nice gift it is still ALOT less expensive than the actual booties (bought) and they’re pretty cute. :wink: