How would You attach this button as a closure?

I wanted to finish this bag tonight but wanted to come to the experts before I do it and ruin it!
This bag is an open bag of course with no flap as a closure. I got these great flat toggle buttons on Ebay and want to use one to close the bag. I was going to sew it on the inside back and then cut a slit in the front of the bag to feed it through, but don’t know if this is the right thing to do.
My other thought was just to braid some of the same dark brown yarn and felt it and sew it to the back of the bag and make it like a loop to put around the button which I would sew onto the front of the bag.
I cut the handles off of a bag I got at a thrift store and plan to sew them on the front and back.
Sorry for the bad photos, but wanted to get this posted quick!

it’s a gorgeous bag. I like the braid and felt idea–just may be a little tough to get the right size thru the button holes? Maybe not? Just don’t cut the slit too big so that the button will slip back though…


I like the braid with the loop at the end. that is a BEAUTIFUL BAG!!

hey there–did you decide how to do the button? I saw this and though it may look ok too…

That is what I was trying to describe with the felted braid in my post…but NO I haven’t done it yet! I need to finish it don’t I! But have been under the weather this week and not too motivated! Once I do finish however…I will post the finished product! Now let’s see how long it takes!:wink:

I finally finished the bag! Had a million things going on at once! I ended up using a brown elastic hair band for the closure!
I am so happy with how it turned out!
More photos and close ups on my blog!

Looks great like that!



I would’ve never thought to use an elastic band. Nice idea & gorgeous bag!!!