How would this stitch be abbreviated?

I’m working on writing a pattern that includes this stitch, and I’m not sure how to abbreviate it. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in books or online… :wall:

ssk, then slip the st made by the ssk back to the LH needle, slip the next st on the LH needle over the st made by the ssk.

I’m considering just making something up if nothing exists for it. Here’s what I’m thinking of using if I have to:

ssk-r-pso (ssk, return, pass stitch over)

Any ideas or references would be GREATLY appreciated.

It reminds me of a centered decrease.

It’s slightly centered, but the left stitch is the prominant one. I’m using SK2P as the right leaning double decrease, so I wanted use this as the opposite.

I guess I could try using a k3tog… but it won’t be exactly the opposite of the sk2p, which I’d prefer.

I would abbreviate it as srp, it was used in this pattern in the chart key only, represented by a symbol, but I don’t know a standard text abbreviation for it.