How would I do this?

I would like to make this shrug for GD in the size 10, but with worsted weight yarn. Is that possible and how would I change it to be knit with the worsted instead of sock yarn? Thank you for any help.

You’d have to make a smaller size of the pattern. Figure out the measurements for the size 10 as given, then knit a sample with your yarn and needles to see how many sts per inch. Then multiply the sts per inch times the measurement to see how many sts you need, which should be close to one of the size of the pattern. This is basically 2 sleeves connected by knitting across the back, so isn’t too hard to adjust.

According to the stitch gauge, the sleeves are about 8" around, so if you’re getting say 5 sts per inch, you need about 40 sts. The smallest size casts on 42 sts, so you would start with that and do the incs on the sleeve as written, making the length of the sleeve the same as on the size 10 - 15½".

I couldn’t get the link to work on my computer but if this is the shrug, it should be do-able. You could see if there is a smaller size and make that. More likely, you’re going to have to make a swatch with your yarn and needles and see what gauge you get. Then translate the sts/inch you have into the number of sts needed for the dimensions of the shrug you want. The pattern may give you a schematic with inches written in to make this easier.