How well will Knitpicks wool felt?

So? And do you recommend any specif blend? I usually use Valley Yarn, which is awsome, but I’m sooo impressed by KP’s prices!! :inlove:

actually if you look at a lot of the felted clogs on the finished projects thread, i would guess that almost all of them are made with Knitpicks!

I have only felted with WOTA…so I cant compare, but it does a GREAT job!

Hildie has felted with WOTA and Merino Style
[size=2](and probably every other wool yarn in existence because she’s a bagaddict!)[/size]


Awsome to know about KP!! I just discovered them now… :oops:

I’ve felted their Wool of the Andes :thumbsup: and Sock Garden. They felt very nicely and quickly. The big danger is accidentally over-felting them!



But that is not a risk here, since I’m a freak and check at every 2 minutes… :rofling:

I personally like merino style better than WOTA. WOTA is great for things that have to be HARD and STURDY (clogs and willie warmers) but the merino style is soooooooooooooooo soft and flexible.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

So… should I just keep felting in Valley Yarn then? What about those hand-painted merino you find at Ebay? Will they felt neatly?

I think you just might have to take your chances and do a swatch… generally, if it’s 100% animal fur/hair it will felt, unless it’s been treated to be “superwash” OR bleached white (some yllow doesn’t felt well either). Different yarns felt at different rates, so it’s always good to do a swatch… you’ll have a bunch of nifty coasters!!!

OMG!!! Felted coasters are going to be my emergency holiday gifts this year! Woohoo!!!

Ohhh, since you mentioned… :wink: I found this coasters and I may…just maybe… steal the idea to give my family… :oops: I will change the design, but looking at those I think they are sorta like the butterfly slippers, right?,cs=Artisans:Felted+Coasters,id=1.4.html

Also, those are AWSOME, but they seem very complicated…

the knitting at knoon ones are easy… just stinks that they start with my nemesis, DPNs. I think these would be easier than the other ones.

I LIKE those needle felted ones!!! I might do that too… needle felt some snowflakes, or a tree, a menorah, etc.

oooo, I’m envision “Hildie’s Happy Holiday Coaster Collection” with a coaster for each winter-esque thing… kwaanza, christmas, hannukah, winter solstice… st. nick’s day, etc.
$$$ :inlove: $$$ :inlove: $$$ :inlove: $$$

I’m glad we live in different states… that way the “Alexandra’s Happy Holiday Coaster Collection” can be released in Florida!! :rofling: :rofling: