How to yo, slip 1 wyib

yo, slip 1 wyib

I am attempting to make a blanket following the pattern below. However, I am confused as how to yo (yarn is in front) then slip1 with the yarn in back as described in Row 1 instructions.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to KH!
It seems like an extra instruction but I suppose it’s to emphasize that the yarn is moving to the back. So yarn over by bringing the yarn to the front and over the needle to the back, slip one and then knit the next stitch. When you complete the yarn over the working yarn is to the back and ready for the next knit stitch.
Adorable and appropriately squishy baby blanket. Thanks for the link.

Think of a yo as making a knit stitch but the working needle isn’t inserted into a st on the eother needle. So wrap the yarn all the way around to the back instead of thinking of it as ‘bring yarn to front’.