How to YO in the beginning of you work?

how to YO in the starting of your needle??? can i just knit front and back ??? i m knitting lace and saw that in the pattern …i have not start the work yet though


I’m not sure how to do it, but a YO creates an eyelet so a KFB would not give the same look. Lace is …well, lacey, so you’d want the eyelet.

This is how ‘The Knitter’s Bible’ says to do a yo at the edge of your work:

[i]Before a knit stitch, bring the yarn forward as if to purl, knit the first stitch bringing the yarn over the right needle as you do so.

Before a purl stitch, take the yarn back as though to knit, purl the first stitch bringing the yarn over the needle as you do so.[/i]

You can yo at the beginning–it creates a nice loopy edge.

Insert the needle, then bring the yarn up over the right needle to knit the stitch.

thanks all… :muah: .that was helpful