How to write pattern containing short rows?

when writing a pattern, is it customary to make a short row section its own row(s)/notation(s), or just include it as part of the row you’re originally working on, i.e.:

“row 51, purl 25 stitches, turn, knit back 10 stitches, turn, purl back same 10 stitches and continue purling to end of row”


“row 51, purl 25 stitches. turn, row now becomes row 52, knit back 10, turn, row now becomes row 53, purl back same 10 stitches and continue on with original row 51”


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Hi X!
I’ve seen both used but I think I prefer calling the purl back row, row 52. It keeps up the odd/even, RS/WS numbering going.
I hope we get to see this new pattern.

thanks for the help! i asked in a few places just in case to what kind of consensus will form.

and i’m giggling… it’s very, very, very tough for me to imagine there being a use for this pattern by most on this site. but, you never know :wink:


Hi. I much prefer short rows to be written out as individual rows. It’s easier to keep track of where I am in a pattern.

ok, so… i’m not understanding the fundamental WHYs of short rows. i get the mechanics, the hows… how you do a wrap and turn on knit and purl sides, or how you can use german short rows with the pull-up method, or how you can japanese method them with the clip. but i don’t get WHICH stitches it is i’m doing these things to.

writing/charting my own patterns… and i have multiple short rows, i need to know specifically the stitch that gets the attention.

so ok, let’s say for example… i have a pattern that is 40 stitches across.

cast on 40
knit 1 row, turn, purl 1 row, turn.
begin main part of item.
row 1 knit in blah blah pattern all the way across, turn.
row 2 this is a purl row with a stockinette double short row. i only want the middle 4 stitches made extra. so does that mean the 1st and 4th stitches out of those 4 middle stitches are the ones that are wrapped, or GSRd or clipped? or… do i do something instead to the stitches before and after those 4 stitches?

i think i’m supposed to do the funky whatever on the 1st and 4th stitches (well 4th 1st, then 1st last because of the stockinette and turning back and forth), but i just can’t get my brain around the numbering.

If you want the middle 4 sts extra, the wrapped stitch or slipped stitch is the one before stitch one (stitch 0?) and stitch 5. That way you preserve the middle 4sts of the short row.
As ever, Techknitter to the rescue:

This article clearly shows the short rows with and without wraps and Japanese short rows.

“(stitch 0?) and stitch 5” is exactly what i needed to know - THANK YOU! also thanks for the techknitter link. i checked out her site last night and didn’t see what i needed, so i’m glad you were able to find and share it! :slight_smile: