How to Wrap and Turn

Rounds 1-5: Knit
Round 6: K5, W&T, P4, W&T, K4, knit wrap together with next st, knit to end of round.
Round 7: Knit wrap together with first st, K9

Short Rows with W&T (Wrap and Turn)

On knit rows, working up to turning point, slip next stitch (purlwise) onto right needle, yarn forward, return slipped stitch to left needle, yarn back, turn. (W&T Complete)

On purl rows, work up to turning point, slip next stitch (purlwise) onto right needle, yarn back, return slipped stitch to left needle, yarn forward, turn. (W&T Complete)

When you come to the wrapped stitch again, make the wraps less visible by knitting them together with the stitch they wrap. Insert right needle into the wrap, then into the stitch and knit the two together.

What does this all mean? I thought I was doing it right but I lost some stitches some how!

There’s a couple articles on how to w&t, here’s one with pictures- Short rows at knitty - and another - Wrapping Stitches though I don’t use either method especially, more the one explained in your pattern.

I am also trying to use short rows in the round and I wrapped and turned, purled and wrapped and turned, and knit past the first wrap picking up the wrap and knit it together. But when I come around to the second wrap it is backwards because I’m in the round and I can’t figure how to knit it together. When I try the stitch is loose and it still leaves a hole. What am I doing wrong?

Amy has a video on short rows,Scrowl down the page to find it

I’m also working a project with W&T, which I think I’ve done correctly but am getting holes even when I pick up the wraps exactly like Amy shows in video. Is this inevitable?

You may have to experiment with how you slip the stitch that will be wrapped. For me it works better to slip the stitch, then wrap it around the outside of the slipped stitch from back to front. Most instructions have you move the yarn first, slip the stitch, then wrap the yarn around it from the front to back.

I hear ya!!! What’s the secret for wrap & turn when you are knitting in the round. The problem I am having is with the purl wrap. How do you stitch it together since you are on the front side without getting a hole?

You would still pick up the wrapped stitch and knit with the wrap, but you might have to move the wrap so it’s on the WS. I haven’t really done any W&T in the round, so don’t have any more details for ya.