How to work from a pattern

I have been knitting a while but I am just now trying my hand at a sweater. The pattern shows the chart with divisions for different sizes. I understand the chart pattern but I am not sure what to do next. Can I read the chart - rewrite it or convert it to line by line directions for my size and knit from there? What do people normally do? It doesn’t seem smooth to read the chart symbols for the whole sweater.

Advice is appreciated!

Yes, you can rewrite the chart to only show the sts for your size - whatever you need to do to follow the pattern easily for you.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
I usually use a post it to mark the current chart row and move it up after I complete the row, but there’s nothing wrong with rewriting the pattern. If the chart pattern is relatively simple, you can write out a short version. And certainlly if you prefer the pattern written out, then that’s the way to go.

Thank you both. I think I would be more comfortable with it written out especially as it is really not too complicated (a diamond lace, 24 row repeat). I only wish I could write it out as its my first time and having someone look over my shoulder would make me feel more confident that I have re-written it correctly.

I usually print out patterns and put them in a sheet protector to take with me at this point.

Write it out and try it on a swatch to check and see if you’ve gotten it right. You’ll be able to see the pattern and check that it looks correct.