How To Wind & Unwind?

I was watching the Knitting Daily Show on PBS and I wondered (as a non-spinner) if there’s a right and a wrong way to unwind a ball. It seems to me if it’s done the wrong way the plys might be weakend?

Is there a wrong side to wind/unwind from? And can you tell if you’re pulling from the “right” end? Of course it depends on how you wound it (to pull from inside or not).

There is no specific way to unwind a ball of yarn. Handspinners that have been put the yarn into a ball generally use a ball winder of nostepinne which creates a center-pull ball.

If a handspinner is plying the yarn with another yarn, there is a correct way to do this so as to not overspin the plied yarn. You will ply in the opposite direction that you spun the yarn.