How to Wash knitted work


I’ve made a baby blanket from red heart baby clouds yarn (baby angel blanket with the eyelet holes). The package said machine wash and dry but I don’t want to shrink it or fall apart. I want it to be soft and clean before I give it as a gift. How would you wash knitted work? This is the pattern! Thanx! :thinking: :??

I machine wash all machine washable baby items before I give them as a gift. If they’re machine dryable, I dry them as well. Otherwise I lay it flat to dry.

Always wash your hand knits according to the yarn label OR handwash if you’re unsure.

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also when you hand wash them and air dry them, will blanket feel hard?
what detergant will be best to wash them with?

If the yarn is machine washable and I’d rather hand wash it, I use just a bit of my regular laundry detergent. I use Dreft for baby garments, Tide for everything else. If the yarn is handwash only, I use Woolite or Eucalan Wool Wash. You can also add a little Downy to the rinse. And no, the garment has never been stiff after air drying, at least for me.

Acrylic yarns tend to stretch in the wash, so probably should be dried in the dryer.

Okay great! Yes, the fabric is machine washable but I don’t trust that technique so I rather handwash it to prevent shrinking or any other hazard. :thumbsup: :oops: