How to use this knitting tension tool?

Hi everyone
I’m new on this site and need help.
Bought today this knitting tension tool at Michaels, manage to set it but now im stuck. How to use it?
Found 9 inch circular needle there too( read somewhere that knitters are looking for it)


Don’t know about the tension machine, but have my second sock on my 9” bamboo clovers, and love them :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Welcome to the forum!
These tension tools usually sit on a finger either on the right or left hand depending on where you usually hold your yarn. The tool may change your tension so it will take a bit of getting used to. Have you had trouble maintaining tension as you knit?
Here’s a similar tool used for crochet. Yours looks like it will sit on the outside rather than the inside of your hand because of the size.

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My hands start hurt more so i was trying different things. Have a rings but didn’t adjusted to them yet.
Thank you for answering

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It’s worth a try. Anything to change the usual way that you knit or tension yarn. I hope this helps and maybe a few breaks while you knitting?

After so many swearing(:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)and almost giving up i came up to this setting. It doesnt work on hand or fingers(at least i dont know how). Yarn is cotton bamboo tinsel and slippery, keep it in parmesan cheese plastic bottle to not be on way or unravel. Knitting tool i hang on some plastic thing untill better solution. This set up work an tension is nice. Thank you again


Hi. If you love knitting figuring out solutions is important.

I don’t know if you knit English style and hold the yarn in your right hand or Continental and hold the yarn in your left hand. Neither is the right way, it’s up to the knitter to find what works. I knit Continental and had problems with my hands, fingers, and wrist hurting. My fingers would cramp. I found that if I don’t grasp or pinch the needles but let them rest in my hands (I’ve seen it referred to as ‘hands closed’) and keep the length of yarn between the needle and my forefinger as short as possible so I can pick my stitches (use the needle tip to grab the yarn instead of wrapping it by using my fingers) for minimal finger and hand/wrist movement, and use Norwegian purls I can literally knit for hours at a time now. I can’t use short tips on circulars because of pain from pinching to hold the tips; many love them but they just don’t work for me.

I can’t try to help with English style at all; even though I’m right handed I can’t seem to persuade my right hand to control the yarn.

Good for you for inventing this workable (though complicated) apparatus. Your knitting looks beautiful and the color is glorious!

Gramma, i knit continental, only way i can and how i learn as little girl. Im more crocheting but know to do all, needlepoint,tatting crostich knitting. Last couple year i just do a little bit to keep sane and focus.
This is third sweater i do for my niece, and she love it. This one is same yarn but in cyan.



I needed something round to hang tool on. Hehe used plastic yarn holder, u can still see yarn on


Sorry to hear your hands have been hurting.
I have no idea at all how you are using this tension ring but it’s great if it’s helping and you’ve certainly come up with some inventive solutions!

Your knitting is lovely, your niece is very lucky to have such beautiful sweaters made for her.
I love the neck and shoulder pattern and shape of that last sweater, the cream/mushroom coloured one.

Your sweaters are exquisite and a pleasure to see! Thank you so much for posting the photos. Just yummy.

Thank you all.

Last sweater is silver, picture was taken at night.
Creation, I put ring of tool on plastic handle ( best would be yarn buddy bud dont have one) so tool dont move and yarn can get thru.


Didnt try hanging tool on yarn, this way work for me even if is maybe incorrect.


Ah yes, silver. I can tell now you’ve said it. I had a similar colour mis-read with a swatch which was dark grey and pale grey/silver colour work pattern and it looked like white on the photo until it was known to be light grey. Funny how our brains can immediately reinterpret colours when we are told what they are.
Well the top is beautiful and even better in silver!

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