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I may have missed this but… are we allowed to post copyrighted things? As long as we post where we for that pattern and/or directions ? ex. I am making a Dora afghan for my daughter. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question.


Yep, you can post pictures of things you’ve made that are from patterns with a copyright. You shouldn’t post the pattern if you didn’t write it, but you can link to an outside sourc that has the pattern available. Of course, we all have to remember that we can’t make money (i.e. from selling a piece we made) from a pattern that isn’t our own.

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[color=darkblue]What camera res and/or file size (and format) is acceptable for posting pix of FO’s here?



landolphe - check the sticky topic “please read this” right under this topic in the index… oh bugger it - here it is


i was going to say morning then but it’s past that time now,i am going to try and make a patchwork jumper i don’t know it if will work but if not i can just make a small throw or something else,i have made 10 shoulder bags so far with lining and a flap over i also sewed on big press studs they sold really well.[/b]


ah i have just realised it doesn’t say my time on my post,is it cos this site is based in america?. :happydance: just ingore my smilies i have just found lots more oops i did have more but i must have edited them


Here’s my latest unvented sock design: The Carved Jade Socks
They were inspired by the beautiful jade carvings I saw during a trip to China. There’s a bit of the back story in the bottom entry.

Right now, I’m in the home stretch to finish off my summer project :Fire & Ice Sweater.

This is the very first large project I’ve processed, dyed, spun and knitted. It’s also my 100 mile fiber project! :cheering:


How do you post a picture to a thread?? Each time I try my pictures show up really really big… Even after I believe that I have decreased them in size?? How do you find out the url of your image when it is stored in my pictures folder on my computer???:shrug: Wendy


Use the attachment button (paperclip icon) instead of the insert picture option. Then you can browse the pictures on your computer. Make sure you click the upload button after you’ve selected your pictures.


As Roseybee said, click on “manage attachments” below the text box or use the paperclip. From there you can browse for a photo on your computer to upload it. It will end up looking like this screenshot I’ve attached here.

Do resize them before uploading them though because they may not work if too large.


thanks KK!


I see it on this website alot. :?? lol


Frog is another term for unraveling your work. You rip-it, rip-it, rip-it…


frog is to rip work back. rip-it, ribbit. get it? :frog:


I was wondering after you post a WIP, when it’s finished do you start a new thread or edit that one?


Just finished a pair of fingerless mitts-actually there are short, partial fingers–from Patons Next Steps Seven. Used Kroy Socks Cameo colors–for my daughter. They were a challenge, but came out very nice!! linknit41