How to use stitch holders?

I’m making a cardigan and am starting on the left side of the body section. The pattern says K5 and slip these 5 stitches onto a holder, inc in next st, k to the end.

I’m not quite sure how to slip the stitches onto the holder and what do I do with them when I continue knitting the pattern?Am I meant to just transfer them over to the other needle together when I’m knitting the rest of the pattern?

I hope I’m making sense!

A stitch holder can be like a super large safety pin, scrap yarn or another needle with something on the ends so it doesn’t slip out of the sts. You just slide them onto the holder, or thread scrap yarn on a tapesty needle through them. They stay there on the holder until later in the pattern. You may be using them to make the front band if this is a cardigan sweater and that won’t be until the end.

thank you! Now I understand a bit better. I’m assuming I just let the stitches hang in the stitch holder??

Yep, ignore 'em till you need to work on them.