How to... use raw fleece?! HELP!

alright, to i’m in way over my head here. i just was given a fleece --raw, uncarded and unclean. i cannot throw it away, but i have never done anything with raw fleece before. so i was thinking in addition to any clear, spinning for dummies kind of sites you could point me to, or a good book or SOMETHING! i would love to some ideas for felted projects.

thank you for sharing any of your thoughts!

THIS EPISODE of Knitty Gritty just dealt with carding & spinning & so on…

Good luck with that!

Hi. I mistakenly bought some unspun wool. Not uncarded! that’s heavy ! I think you will have to card the wool and that requires a special tool. You can find a lot of info on the web.

I have a great little book on spinning… will look for it tomorrow (and give you the name). But I have the feeling that a class is necessary, which is what i’m going to do. It’s not that easy to spin by yourself.

But I think it’s definitely worth learning!

head over to craftster, under kntting there is a spinning section which has a discusion going on about how to process fleeces. Id pull up links but my comp is not happy and freezes when ihave more than 1 window open since im doing a website update :slight_smile:

good luck. me+washing fleeces doesnt work since im soooo impatient!