How to Unravel & Drop down in knitting

Can someone clarify this section of my pattern? I’ve read on the UR&drop stitch but instructions are not specific to this pattern. Pattern reads:
Inc1, UR&k1, ssk, *k1,p1, turn (end of row); k1, ssk, turn; repeat from *2 more times, k1, p1, 3 stitches decreased.
Thank you so very much for help on this.

What pattern is it? I imagine you drop the next st off the needle and unravel it, then knit the strand of yarn at the top. What do your instructions say for UR&k1? They may not make sense to you, but might to someone else.

Possibly this scarf pattern:

The specific directions are given under Abbreviations at the very top of the pattern and they’re just as you said, Sue:
“Unravel 1 stitch by dropping it and pulling it down, and at the same time, pick up the topmost bar above the unraveled stitch and knit it to maintain an even stitch count.”

Yeah, Iris uses slightly different abbreviations, but defines them well.

Yes. It is that pattern - just having trouble understanding Iris’ instructions to the UR&k1. I’ll try it again. Thanks to all.