How to undo an increase stitch (knit into front and back)

Hi all,
I am finishing a scarf and I am increasing by knitting into the front and back of each stitch. I got about 5 stiches (so 10 added stitches) and now I want to undo them so I can continue knitting to add some more length.

How do I undo these increases- do I undo them like a regular knit stitch?


To ‘unknit’ a regular knit stitch, you just put your left needle back into the first stitch below the right needle, slip that stitch off and pull out the working yarn. You can do the same thing with a kfb but it’s just a little trickier to see where exactly to insert your needle. The other thing you can do is just slip the kfb’s off the right needle one at a time, and gently pull at the working yarn until the two loops come out of the original stitch, and then pop the original stitch back up on the left needle.

Your best bet is to let the stitch nearest the right point to slip off the needle, then you can undo the ‘real’ stitch as normal. The one nearest the point is the second stitch you made in the kfb, so it’s not really attached to the previous row.

Thank you!

Thank you so much, Ingrid, for the post. I have been in a near panic trying to not ruin the work I’ve done so far because I need to undo a KFB. Your answer was so simple and it worked! So much less complicated than I thought it could be. You made my day. :woohoo: