How to "turn" on circular needles


I’m knitting an afghan pattern in the round. It started with only eight stitches on double-pointed needles, increasing 8 stitches every other row, so now I am knitting the outside edges of the (very large) blanket on (very large) circular needles.

One of the final steps of the pattern is: “Knit, inc 8 sts around as before. Turn. Next rnd: (WS) Knit. Turn.”

I looked around online but couldn’t find anything about how to turn on circular needles. What does it mean to turn the work in this pattern?

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Turn as if you were working flat and you turn at the end of the row so the WS is facing you.


Since you’re working back and forth, turn just means to start the next row–switch the needles in your hands. Here they probably used it rather than saying “next row”.


Thank you! That helps a lot. I get disoriented though when I switch the needles in my hands because then, the yarn is on the left side. Do I just knit with it on that side? I’m having trouble visualizing it like I would a flat pattern.

Sorry if this is a really obvious question. I’m a novice. Thanks again, so much, for your help.


The yarn will be on the left until you work the first stitch.


Oh, got it! I can see it now. Thanks!


When you knit flat and turn at the end of a row the yarn is on the left needle then too, so that’s correct.

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