How to turn a boy pattern into a girl pattern- Vogue Knitting

Hello, I just got my new Vogue Knitting International Winter edition. There is a chapter called “Boy Meets Purl” with designs by Josh Bennett. I love the patterns, and I really love the hound’s-tooth vest on page 61. But I want to make it for me, not for a boy. Does anyone know how to alter a pattern to make it more contoured for a woman? Thank you!


Most clothing these days is unisex. If its got buttons/fasteners on it you could put them on the other side. Or just wear it as it is. Just because there is a male modeling the vest, does not mean a woman can not wear it.

That looks like a fairly fitted vest. You might have to do some shaping on the sides and bust, but I’m not sure how you’d go about it for such a detailed design. :think:

Always include a link when possible.

WOW really beautiful patterns… I would just change the colors and see how it goes…

please tell me and or please show me how to do this i am transgeered crossdresser and have so always wanted o leran to do this so that i can later and or sew my own girls cloths most tg cders want to know how to do this so they can alter and sew thier own girls clothing sure would help out a great deal to know these skills!

Thank’s Jay!?