How to trim/edge fleece baby blanket

I am making a baby blanket for some friends. The center is fleece and I want to knit about 2-2.5 (maybe more, not really oncerend with amount) inches of knitted trim.
does anyone know of a pattern? or a website that has instructions?

Hi, if you are talking about picking up sts around the edge of the blanket and knitting a trim, then there is a video here under basic techniques, then look to the right and click on more and scroll down & Amy has a video instructing the method for picking up the sts along the edge after it has been completed. Hope this was helpful…if not, just let us know; someone around here will help you get what you want :wink:
I also found another tip here that may also help.

The center is fleece?

Oh, I believe that she said it is, Ing…I completely missed that part… :doh:

Yes the center is fleece
(the friends are doing cowboy/western theme and the fleece is covered with pictures of boots, and rope, and saddle and horses. Very cute!)
I saw a swatch at Hobby Lobby in the yarn aisles. It was a 5in square of fleece with really pretty knitted edging about 2.5 wide.

My husband and I are designing the blanket together. We found a beautiful “Homespun” yarn that incorporates the colors very nicely. I just want to knit a trim on the edges of the fleece blanket. It didn’t look very hard. But I would like to get a pattern for it.

Thaks for helping me!

I put this in the other post (you really only need one–we find them and it causes confusion when there are two of the same thing) that the only way I can think of is to knit strips and then sew them on. I can’t see of anyway to attach the yarn directly to the fleece.

I will remember to only write one from now on.
Thanks for the suggestion. I think what I am going to do is like what you said but try it on a smallpeice of fabric before so I can see what it looks like. THANK YOU again! :thumbsup:

You could use a very heavy duty thread and sew a blanket stitch around the blanket; the stitches being the same # of sts into which you want to knit. For example, if you are yarn is knitting 4 sts to the inch; then you need to sew 4 loops (for lack of better term) of the blanket stitch per inch into which the yarn could be knitted.
I think Ingrid’s idea is far easier; IMHO

There’s a special needle that you can buy for your sew machine that will poke holes evenly into the fabric and you can pick up stitches to knit through those holes. My recollection is that this needle has “wings”, but the name of the needle escapes me. The idea is basically what rebecca said, except you don’t have to do the buttonhole stitch.