How to tighten up toes on toe up socks?

Hello everyone,

I just finished my first pair of toe up socks. They look okay, but the first toe stitches are really loose. I used a figure 8 cast on.

I can’t seem to tighten them up. Is there a trick to this?

TIA Knitters!

If anyone’s interested…I finally figured out that I could grab a loose stitch at the opposite end from the tail and just keep tightening towards the tail. It’s picky work, but now they look AWESOME!

Good job Becky! :thumbsup:

I’ve not done figure 8s when starting toe-up socks - tried it the once and couldn’t quite get it though I could see what the instructions were telling me to do. I’ve stuck to provisional, (crochet) cast on toe-ups.

I hope youll post piccies!

Well, I highly recommend it. The toes look fabulous now. There is absolutely no seam. It’s like magic.

:smiley: YAY, I’m happy to hear that you worked it out :wink:

That’s what my Hubby likes about my toe-ups - no seam!!!

He says that regular store-bought socks can drive him nuts with the seams over the toes and sometimes even give him blisters! :shock: