How to stretch cuff band for socks

I have knitted one odd of sock and find that the cuff is just a tad too tight. Are there any tricks to stretch the cuff without damaging the sock too much. The rib was a twisted rib and knitted with a 2.75mm needle with fingering wool. Thanks. j

Are these cuff down or toe up socks?
For toe up you can take out the cast off and use a stretchy cast off like the sewn bind off or Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off.
I assume they’re not though so you might try washing and blocking the socks to widen the cuff. Depending on the fiber, this may or may not work but it’s easy to try.

Thanks. The yarn is Peru highland 100% wool and the socks were cuff down. Will try washing and blocking. j:knitting:

You can unpick the cast-on row and undo the cuff if all else fails.