How to stop cable curling on 40"

Suggestions for mitigating for the curling of a 40" cable while in the middle of knitting my first shawl?


Some of the cables are very difficult to uncurl. I’ve had luck carefully running the cable back and forth in the steam from a kettle. Be careful of your fingers!
After passing the cable through the steam l suspend a weight (typically a sneaker) from the end to keep it straight for a couple of hours.
What kind of needles are you using?


I’m using Knitter’s Pride Karbonz interchangeable on a 40" cable. Unfortunately, I have loads of knitting already on the needles, so I can’t figure out how I would try your suggestion without moving the project onto other needles. Tricky, especially with the lace section, right?

Yes, you would definitely have to move the lace off the needle to try to uncurl it. If you have an all knit or all purl row it would be the easiest row to move sts onto another needle. It would only be for about 3-4 hours while the needle are hung out.

Sounds like a plan; there are (almost) all purl rows every other row, so it’s a possibility. I have also splurged on a set of Zen rosewood interchangeable needles that have swivel cords and am excited about using them, perhaps on the next stripe section. Since it’s a shawl, I am not overly concerned with that change in tension. I’ll keep you posted

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